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About Us

Kennel Pak, Inc.® is a subsidiary of Gentzler & Smith Associates, Inc., which was formed March 1, 1982 by Gary L. Gentzler, CLU, AAI and Daniel L. Smith. The primary purpose of this partnership was to provide a “ONE STOP SHOP” for the insurance and financial consumers of York County, Pa.

Today, Kennel Pak, Inc.® and Gentzler & Smith Associates, Inc. provide insurance and financial services not only to the people of York County, but also to consumers in 48 states of the nation. The Agency is fully automated to give consumers instant information regarding insurance quotes, policy or billing information or information on their current stock, mutual fund or commodity portfolio.

We are located on the Internet so customers have immediate access to us instead of relying on postal or overnight delivery services. We believe consumers need and expect these types of services to make intelligent buying decisions regarding their insurance and financial service programs.

The Kennel Pak, Inc.® program was developed to protect commercial kennels, groomers, and veterinarians from the cost of public and professional liability. The special all-risk protection is to give the best overall coverage at the most competitive rates.