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For Profit Certificate Request

For Profit Certificate Request

Listed below are the new guidelines for when your organization needs to request a certificate of insurance. We will need all the information below in order to get the certificate from our broker. If we do not have all the information we will not be able to obtain a certificate for your event.

Request for certificates are process by THE DATE OF THE EVENT. If you need the certificate for a deadline prior to the event date please indicate the date you need the certificate by so then it will be processed accordingly.

We appreciate at least 7-10 days prior to the event date when requesting a certificate of liability.

In order to process a request for certificate we will need all the following questions answered.


Date of Event
If the certificate holder is requesting to be named as additional insured, we will need a copy of the vendor agreement or signed contract for the event. Please email this info to and include the full name of your organization in the email.